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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  September 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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stay with us, news4 continues at 5:00 a.m. heightening security around washington as millions prepare to honor lives lost in the 9/11 attacks. we'll show you how authorities are getting ready to spot the unknown in the crowds. and a double dose of tropical trouble. we're tracking the path of one system while another heads our way. good morning, i'm joe krebs. >> i'm wr in for eun yang -- fw wendy rieger in for eun yang. it's monday, september 5. >> we had rain and drizzle overnight. can't tell whether we're getting rain now. it certainly sounds like we'll get rain today. >> and then some. >> it's been scattered overnight. some places pavement is dry, other places, pavement is wet. all of the rain that's moving in
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is coming from the remnants of tropical storm lee. if that doesn't sound threatening enough to you, we'll call it tropical storm bruce lee. >> there you go. >> he's going to be kicking us with heavier downpours perhaps later tonight and tomorrow. it t does look like the heaviest rains will be into the appalachians in west virginia and part of southwestern virginia later today. probably no heavy rain for us until later tomorrow and into wednesday. right now, though, we have all these counties in green under a flood watch. we are preparing for some heavier downpours. that will be coming in late tonight and through the day tuesday into wednesday. and this flood watch in effect for most of northern virginia and all of maryland just about. the district and much of eastern west virginia. and we have a few scattered showers around this morning with temperatures in the low to mid 70s. 77 now at reagan national. and later today, it's not going to warm up a lot, but we'll have passing showers. up around 80 by midday and the
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afternoon. have an umbrella ready. danella, how's traffic? we have construction on metro rails. first off you'll be shuttling between van dorn and franconia/springfield on the blue line. if you're taking the orange line we have construction there, too, causing you to shuttle bus this morning. it's in between west falls church and east falls church. construction is due to last throughout the day until the evening. in d.c., all is quiet. this is new york avenue at bladensburg. no traffic at all shooting over to virginia. 66 at fairfax county parkway. 66 looking good in both directions, inside and outside of the beltway. back in ten minutes with another update. for now, back to you. >> see you then. next sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. police in d.c. ramping up security. we have more live on the security precaution that's are going into place. melissa? >> reporter: good morning, that's right.
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officials around the country are ramping up security all over the place. it's no different here in washington. the police chief telling the "washington post" officers will focus on ceremonies, airports, and mass transit. information found in the compound shows bin laden was fixated on another u.s. attack. law enforcement officers tell the paper nay have no information about a new terrorist plot. >> i don't think that we're safer, but at least we are aware of what's happening in the world. i think that ten years ago, nobody -- we didn't know what was happening. >> reporter: over the past ten years, security increases have become the norm around the country. metro recently starting random bag tracks. amtrak increasing bag and passenger screening. and adding additional k-9 dogs. for obvious reasons, many agencies being tight-lipped about any specific plans leading up to and on the september 11 anniversary.
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live at the capitol, news4, wendy, back to you. >> all right. thank thanks. several local towns are celebrating the unofficial end of summer with parades and festivals. gaithersburg will be holding its 73rd labor day parade at 1:00 this afternoon, complete with marching bands and antique cars and dance groups. breeblt will have a par -- greenbelt will have its parade and festival starting at 10:00. kensington's parade is at 10:00. in herndon, there will be a beer and wine testing at that festival. the herndon town green, running from noon until 6:00. also on this labor day, president obama will celebrate the holiday with workers in detroit, michigan. he'll discuss efforts to create jobs and strengthen the economy. this visit comes after a dismal jobs report that said employers
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stopped hiring during the month of august. many economist expected 90,000 new jobs to be added. president obama will outline what the white house is calling a comprehensive job creation plan this thursday during a joint session of congress. the attorney for gary giordano says he's going to file an appeal against an aruban judge's latest ruling. the judge ruled that giordano has to stay in that jail in aruba for another 60 days. giordano was connected to the disappearance of robyn gardner who went missing a month ago while snorkeling off the caribbean coast there. he's not opinion charged with a crime, but investigators believe he purchased an insurance policy for the trip and tried to cash it after gardner went missing. and today, amanda knox returns to court to appeal her murder conviction. knox and her now-ex-boyfriend both accused of killing her roommate in italy in 2007. prosecutors say knox's dna was found on the knife allegedly used in the murder. two months ago, it was determined there were flaws in collecting that dna evidence.
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knox is currently serving a 26-year sentence in an italian prison. tomorrow marks the first day of school for thousands of children in our area. classes will start in arlington county, fairfax county, prince william, and stafford county, virginia. do not forget to get the latest on the forecast before your kids hit the bus stop. news4 begin at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. and parents and students will notice an increased police presence at schools in alexandria. more officers will be monitoring school zones and bus routes tomorrow. they're out to enforce all traffic laws including speeding, passing school buses and failing to yield to pedestrians. more than a year after medical marijuana became legal in d.c., the department of health is one step closer to handing out licenses to distribute. officials have whittled down the list of contender to 50 people for one of the 15 licenses. most will enable -- those will marijuana. recipient will be named next
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year. one of the candidates to win a license is former talk show host montel williams. our time is 5:07. coming up, the moving weapon. a man used a it to try and kill a police officer. and the corruption case against hosni mubarak. and see the damage tropical storm lee caused as it makes its way toward us. and we'll tell you how much rain and when we'll start seeing it.
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good morning. welcome back. look at this video. west virginia and marshall's season opener didn't take as long as expected because of that. that lightning struck the stadium yesterday. in fact, the weather was so bad the referees actually ended the game with 14 minutes left in the fourth quarter. there are reports that one fan was hit by lightning in the upper deck. school officials deny. that west virginia did win the storm-shortened game 34-13. the terps are hoping to avoid a sloppy start to their season against a team that's caused controversy in the offseason. maryland will take on the miami hurricanes tonight at byrd stadium in college park starting at 8:00. it's a pretty high-profile way to start the season. eight of miami's players were just suspended for at least one game for accepting illegal benefits from a team booster. and the game will be nationally
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televised on espn. perhaps maryland's performance won't be sloppy, but the weather certainly sounds like it will be. the game will be sloppy, right, tom? yeah, it could certainly be wet and maybe even thunder and lightning this evening, too, locally. right now we've got some areas of rain that are heavy across mississippi and alabama from the remnants of tropical storm lee. it is now a depression. and it is going to be tracking pretty much along this line coming to our west. it does look like by midweek. and it's moving very slowly. as it does come up our way, it does look like we'll have a potential for flooding. look at all these areas in green. they're under flood watches. it includes much of west virginia, northern virginia, shenandoah valley, and just about all of maryland and the district of columbia. right now radar showing showers in calvert county. those are advancing north and should be moving into anne arundel county in 10 or 15
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minutes. showers in northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia. down powers there in northern frederick county, maryland. these are all advancing to the north and northeast. and temperature around the region in the low to mid 70s throughout the area. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county, low 70s. mid 70s in washington, and by the chesapeake bay. later today, we'll stay in the 70s through mid morning with showers from time to time. then heavier downpours with maybe thunder and lightning by mid to late afternoon. before then maybe in the low 80s briefly. hovering in the upper 70s to around 80. here's your evening planner. does look like some storms around through mid evening. maybe with some heavy downpours that may cause some brief flooding. and then showers after that. it looks like the wet pattern continues through the week. we'll look at that and the weekend in ten minutes. how's traffic? looking very lights and clear this morning. i'm checking the area, and you're traveling at or above
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speed at this time. we'll look at the sousa bridge. so far clear, no problems as you make your way in either direction. shooting to the beltway in virginia at braddock road, no problems there on the inner loop and outer loop. same thing in maryland. this is at route 5. no problems in both directions in maryland. as you loop around to american legion bridge, again, nice and clear. wendy and joe, back to you. >> all right. >> thank you very much. the time is 5:13. still ahead on news4 today, it was a scary landing after a plane skidded off the runway after touching down. and you've heard the warnings, don't drive through standing water. why do you think this driver thought this was okay? ouch. and a news4 update after hurricane irene scrapped the wedding plans of one of our producers. ♪
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welcome back. egypt's hosted president hosni mubarak will be in court on charges of corruption and complicity in killing protesters during the uprisings that forced him out of power. mubarak's sons are also charged with corruption as are his top security officials. four police officers will testify against him and his security team. unlike the past two teams that mubarak's been in court, the judge has ruled against live tv coverage of the trial. and libyan rebels are closing in on the last of moammar gadhafi's strongholds. yesterday talks broke down between rebel leaders and gadhafi loyalists in the town of bani walid south of tripoli. rebels have extended the deadline for loyalists to surrender to next saturday, although they could launch an attack on bani walid sooner. it's expected that many high-ranking loyalists are in hiding in the town. meantime, rebel leaders are moving home with creating a new government even while gadhafi remains on the run. police are investigating a deadly crash in falls church
5:18 am
that happened at the intersection of route 50 and patrick henry drive. an 83-year-old man was driving and was making a turn when he was hit by a pickup truck. that driver and his 85-year-old wife were both killed. their names have not been released. the truck driver was not injured, and no charges have been filed at this point. a manassas park police officer is in the hospital with some serious injuries after being run off by responding to a call that happened early sunday around cartwright court, in the brandy station section of manassas park. police were called to the area for a report of suspicious activity. when the officer approached a vehicle, the driver identified as 21-year-old robert daniel washington iii ran offer the police officer as he was speeding off. neighbors are surprised that something like it could happen in their neighborhood. >> there used to be some problems. like i said, the police did a wonderful job. they've come here, and people from the neighborhood would congregate and talk about the
5:19 am
issues. i haven't seen anything in years. >> washington was shot during the incident, but police have not said if it was by the officer who was run over or by another officer responding to the distress call. this morning, ottawa police are trying to figure out what caused a united airlines flight to skid off the runway. 44 passengers and three crew were aboard the united express plane when it skidded off the runway, stopping in a grassy area. no one was injured, but firefighters say the plane was badly damaged, and they had to contain a fuel leak. passengers describe some pretty scary moments. >> he seemed to be coming really, really fast. it was pouring, and it all happened really fast. a huge thud. dirt was folkliving by. >> -- flying by. >> suddenly we were going really fast down the runway. then it started turning. there were jolts and everyone started screaming. it was scary. >> investigators say there were thunderstorms in the area as the
5:20 am
flight from chicago was attempting to land and heavy downpours caused the runway to become very wet. it's been more than a week since hurricane irene tore up the east coast. some of the hardest hit areas still trying to pick up the pieces. president obama visiting patterson, new jersey, yesterday, where some of the most significant damage in the state was done. the state's third-largest city was hit with overwhelming flooding as the passaic river crested its banks more than twice the normal flood stage. irene is one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit new jersey. 5:20. local service members are preparing to help with a recovery effort in one of the hardest hit states in the northeast. 25 national guardsman with six 20-ton dump trucks in virginia will head to vermont with the cleanup there. members of the 157th engineer platoon and 3647th maintenance company will leave tomorrow for a mission that could last up to 30 days. and the new jersey national
5:21 am
guard has decided not to punish five soldiers who drove through floodwaters during hurricane irene. look at that. check this out. the whole thing was caught on camera. it went viral after being posted on youtube. the soldierers got stranded in manville, new jersey, after the vehicles stalled in floodwater that was apparently too deep. >> really? >> officials with the national guard said the soldiers were unaware of how deep the water actually was. well, it was that deep. the vehicles can travel through up to four feet of water. no one was injured. but the national guard says the incident is under official review, and you got to wonder about the condition of humvees or other vehicles. >> right. some outer bank resident are finally able to return tohe homes after more than a week after the hurricane made landfall this. hatteras island residents will be allowed to start moving back at noon today. visitors won't be able to access the island until sometime after the 17th of this month. officials say enough progress
5:22 am
has been made in restoring services and cleaning up to allow residents to safely return. tropical storm lee is now a tropical depression. that storm being blamed for tornado sightings. one tornado in florida destroyed a house and damaged several others. it also brought tornadoes to alabama. it uproad trees and knocked out power in the town of lillian, alabama. fortunately, there were no reported injuries in either incident. and lee's high winds are being blamed for sparking deadly wildfires in texas. a mother and 18-month-old daughter were killed after a wildfire destroyed their home in greg county. officials say a man escaped but was burned. he is expected to recover. texas forest service officials say one of the wildfires has scorched more than 6,000 acres. i can imagine they were hoping that some of those rains would help fight some of those wildfires. >> yeah. so tom is here with -- what are we going to be expecting? are we going to have a deluge this week? yeah, indeed. each day today all the way into
5:23 am
friday is going to be wet. let's say we're not going to see a lot of sun. right now in washington and in much of maryland, we're under a flood watch. all these areas in green as well as northern virginia, just about all of west virginia, flood watch meaning there's a potential for flooding. that is in effect from later tonight all the way into tuesday night. that will probably be extended later this week. getting showers in calvert county, st. mary's county, and farther to the south of washington and stafford and spotsylvania. there are a couple of showers there advancing north. there's a shower in northern frederick county, maryland, and into the panhandle of west virginia, drifting to the north and east. temperatures are mild and muggy this morning under the cloud cover. it's very humid. we're in the low to mid 70s. 77 now at reagan national. later today, we'll have our temperatures near 80 by noontime. we'll hover near 80 in the afternoon with occasional showers and could get storms developing later this afternoon and this evening. some of which could produce some heavy downpours that may cause
5:24 am
some flooding, thunder and lightning, then on tuesday, much cooler with highs only near 70. an occasional shower and maybe thunder throughout the day tuesday into tuesday night and off and on on wednesday and thursday. who wednesday, thursday looking warmer. maybe some lingering lighter showers on friday. finally, dry for the weekend. how's traffic? we're still looking really good in our area. starting off to be a great labor day so far. roads are quiet. you see we have a lot of green especially around the beltway, traveling 66, route 123. no problems at all. i'll give you a live look as we head down to virginia at the springfield interchange. completely clear. no accidents in either direction as you make your commute this morning. local roadways look good. this is in maryland. redland road and crabs branch way. no problems there. and in d.c., pennsylvania avenue and 14th. again, no problems. now back to you. >> thank you very much. and a reminder, if you plan to take metro today. getting around on the blue and orange line may take longer than
5:25 am
expected because of track work. orange line trains will not be running between east falls church and the west falls church stations for work on the dallas rail project. shuttle buses will take you between the stations. on the blue line, the franconia, springfield, and van dorn stations closed for track work. all trains should be back on the normal schedules for tomorrow's back-to-work commute. and the second season of "the real housewives of beverly hills" which hairs on nbc's sister station bravo will premiere tonight. the show has been reedited since the suicide death of russell armstrong, the estraenchlged husband of one of the cast members. the couple's marital problems were part of the drama on the first season. three cast members will be on the "today" show to talk about the drama surrounding the show. of course, you can catch the interview right after news4 today at 6:00. >> i know you can't wait for that one. >> i will have to, though. nonetheless.
5:26 am
>> yeah. the big awards shows are still months away. already, there's speculation over who will host the oscars. comedian and actor eddie murphy is said to be the front-runner. oscar producers are set to meet to discuss the job. some insider say an announcement could be made this week. also on the list, billy crystal. we were voting for him. he's expressed interest in hosting again. every time he's been on, eight times between 1990 and 2004, he's knocked it out of the park. although eddie murphy would be fun, as well. ♪ personally i'm voting for this guy. it was go-if meets classical music on the national mall. chuck brown teamed up with the symphony orchestra for the labor day concert. the happy to was "legends of washington music." he is certainly one. in addition to brown, the concert also featured the granddaughter of jazz legend duke ellington. and this morning we're hearing an update on a story we
5:27 am
brought you during hurricane irene. >> a local couple that we know quite well postponed their wedding because of the storm. they have now tied the knot. patricia capiro produces my 5:00 show in the evening. she was supposed to get married at rehoboth beach august 27, last saturday. her fiance also in the news business -- it's fitting -- the two members of the meeting have to deal with their own breaking news. the two went on their honeymoon even though they didn't get married. they went to st. lucia. while they were there they decided to go ahead and elope. they'll still celebrate with the family and she'll be able to wear her wedding dress. they'll do an official thing this fall. nice. they had a great story to tell for the rest of their marriage. >> it rest of their lives. good for them. 5:27. coming up, how gop candidates are taking shots at themselves in the race for president. and with millions out of work this labor day, the president is pushing a plan to get more people back on the job.
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and the special reason why you might see dozens of
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we're tracking the path of a system in the atlantic ocean while the leftovers of another one heads our way. presenting the plan. this labor day, president obama guns spell out how he says he can create more jobs. and good morning. welcome to monday. i'm wendy rieger. >> and good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. eun yang has the morning off. this is labor day, september 5, 2011. taking a look at the flag flying at the capitol dome. that is a gorgeous picture. almost looks fake. >> almost look like -- >> computer generated. it is a lovely picture. a live picture this morning. the flag flying on this holiday, labor day in the usa. tom has the forecast. misting out there. >> what a wonderful person wendy rieger is. she could have spent labor day on the dock sipping a beverage
5:32 am
but no. >> i wanted to get up at 2:00 a.m. and come hang out here. >> yeah. >> let it be known she's still sipping a beverage. >> i just came and said the bar is closed. i came here. >> well, we'll need an umbrella here later today. if you do plan on celebrating labor day. however you do celebrate, outdoor activity are going to be wet, it looks like. and all coming from the remnants of tropical storm lee. it's now a depression. it is raining heavily from the gulf coast all the way to canada for crying out loud. look at all these counties in green. from there all the way up to canada. most locations are under flood watches. so are we, areas in green. we have scattered showers in southern maryland, calvert county and st. mary's, as well as in north central maryland, northern frederick county, maryland, getting a shower in northern loudoun county. and a few showers in northern shenandoah valley and the panhandle of west virginia. right now we're in the low to mid 70s, most of the region, a mild and muggy start to this
5:33 am
labor day. 77 at reagan national. and the day is looking wet, if you are going to any parades or events. you'll need an umbrella. highs reaching perhaps 80 or so noontime into the afternoon. could get storms later today into tonight. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. how's traffic? great. very light. i have no issues to report. i'll give you a live look starting at 395 at edsall. 395 in both directions. we're completely clear as you make your way to the 14th street bridge. no problems. in fact, now also in maryland and d.c., again all is clear. back this ten minutes with another update. back to you both. >> all right. thanks. on a day when america's work force is supposed to be celebrated, a dark cloud is hanging over the sluggish economy. president obama is marking the holiday visiting workers in detroit. but the lack of jobs remains a top concern for his administration. nbc's tracie potts live from capitol hill with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, joe, good morning. the president spending his day with those workers and their families.
5:34 am
you know, unions used to be a shoe-in vote for democrats. not so much anymore. they're sudaning themselves, dealing -- distancing themselves, dealing with issues in wisconsin and ohio, federal donations down 40%. some union leaders saying they're disappointed that president obama has not followed through with his agenda. this week we'll hear his agenda when it comes to creating more jobs. he's promised to come here to capitol hill on thursday and lay out that plan. he also was urging congress that the highway bill that he says could save a million jobs. republicans are saying they expect to hear more of the same here. the president has talked about more payroll tax cuts, extending unemployment, and those infrastructure projects that he says will create jobs. the big picture here, we now know we've got 9.1% unemployment again including people working parts time and those who don't -- can't find a job. we're looking at 25 million people unemployed.
5:35 am
>> thank you very much. that's very depressing news. the president will be speaking about that on thursday in addition to what he's going to be doing today. thank you very much. it's going to be a busy couple of weeks for the republican presidential candidates. there are three debates coming up for these hopefuls including one this wednesday on nbc 4. and in prepping for those debates the candidates are now taking shots at each other. what a surprise. mitt romney was the target of a tea party protest in new hampshire yesterday. rick perry also took swipes at the former massachusetts governor earlier this week accusing him of being too moderate. compared him to president obama. political analysts believe that while this back and forth is entertaining, they have to eventually appeal to potential voters. >> at some point you have to give it up and face the primary voters and run in a primary. especially if rick perry's doing better in all the polls and rolling by you. >> meanwhile, all eyes still on sarah palin and whether or not she will run. she was a tea party -- at a tea
5:36 am
party rally in iowa this weekend. she said earlier this year she would make her decision by the end of the summer and that would be right about now. next sunday marks the ten-year anniversary of the september 11 attacks. police in d.c. are already ramping up security for thespiration. we have more live on the security precautions being taken. >> reporter: good morning to you, joe. there's no one specific threat for the 9/11 anniversary. authorities across the nation and of course here in washington and new yoty jpet as a precaution. now the fbi also homeland security have issued a nationwide warning about al qaeda threats involving small planes. according to a bulletin obtained by the associate ed press, jierk was considering attacks with -- al qaeda was considering attacks with small planes as early as this year. >> if they strike, they'll strike us. i think we have relatively security. it's not going to change my life. i'm going to go ahead and live
5:37 am
it. >> solemn day for the country ten years ago. we've come a long way. and i -- i feel secure out here. >> reporter: now officers around the country say they'll be focusing on athletic events, ceremonies, airports, also, four, mass transit. amtrak ramping up bag checks, passenger screening, and also the use of k-9s, many agencies, though, being tight-lipped about what prep they are taking both this week and on sunday. live at the u.s. capitol, back to you. >> thank you very much. firefighters and police officers on the east coast are taking -- on an east coast trip are honoring the september 11 first responders. they're going to be in our area today. they're righting bikes from south florida to new york city. it's the brotherhood ride. a group of 40 riders arrived this afternoon in woodbridge, virginia. the journey to new york is more than 1,600 miles. they average about 80 miles a day. and the purpose is to honor the sacrifices that the first responders made on september 11.
5:38 am
and this week there will be other events to mark the 10th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. the national cathedral will hold a series of concerts and vince beginning friday. and the annual ceremony at the pentagon will be held on sunday morning. we have a special section on our web site,, dedicated to september 11. you can find it by searching 9/11. head to nbcwashington daniel mccormack for a list of more events to commemorate the upcoming anniversary. we have an entire section dedicated to september 11 including special reports and a look at the attacks that changed so much in the last ten years. our time is 5:38. next on "news4 today," after months of speculation, mda finally gives an explanation of why long-time host jerry lewis was not involved in the annual labor day telethon. mother nature calls her own time-out during this football game. it was caught on camera. if you plan to cook out this labor day, better plan on making
5:39 am
soup or at least do it -- otherwise, do it early. the stormy forecast coming up. [ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads.
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any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning.
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5:41 on this monday. all these areas in green under a flood watch. there's a potential of flooding today through tuesday. it includes just about all of maryland and northern and west virginia and the district of columbia. we have a few scattered showers this morning. temperatures in the low to mid 70s throughout most of the region. 77 at reagan national. and later today, we will have a passing shower likely this morning and through midday. then some heavier downpours with thunder and lightning likely moving in later this afternoon and this evening. before then climbing to around 80 degrees. occasional downpours with thunder and lightning could produce thunderstorms. we'll have more coming up in a few minutes. i have an accident in anne arundel county. if you're traveling i-97 north taking the ramp to westbound route 100, this accident blocks your right lane. only the left lane gets by. be aware of that as you make the commute. other parts of the area looks good. connecticut avenue and belpre
5:43 am
road, no issues there. shooting over washington boulevard at columbia pike, traveling in virginia, completely clear at this time in both directions. taking 66, i don't see any problems for you in either direction both inside and outside of the beltway. back in ten minutes with another update. for now, back to you. >> thanks. 5:had 3 the time. hurricane -- 5:43 the time. hurricanes and tropical storms putting oil rigs on high alert. find out whether it's affecting gasoline prices. and down but not out. local celebrities help some of our wounded heroes get back in the game.
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several local towns are celebrating the unofficial end to summer. we've got parades and festivities this labor day. gaithersburg will be holding its parade beginning at 1:00. there will be marching bands, antique cars, and more. in greenbelt, their parade and festival starts at 10:00.
5:47 am
the 44th annual labor day parade in kensington, maryland, starts at 10:00. and that's followed by a festival along armory and howard avenues where all those antique stores are. in herndon, you can hear live music, watch a cooking demonstration. there's also a beer and wine tasting at that labor day event at the herndon town green. festivities will run from noon until 6:00. this year's mda telethon had quite a different look from the past beginning with the host for the first time in the 46-year history of the telethon. jerry lewis was not the host. the organizers of the telethon say that lewis retired from the organization earlier this year. don't know if that's his story. this year's telethon was also shorter instead of the 21 hours in the past. it was just six hours. all broadcast live in primetime. not having lewis apparently did not have any effect on fundraising. officials say they raised 61.5 million dollars. tomorrow marks the first day of school for thousands of kids
5:48 am
in our area. classes start in arlington, fairfax, prince william, and stafford counties. before your kids hit the bus stop, don't forget to get the latest on the forecast right here. again, news4 in the early morning starts at 4:30. parents and students will notice an increased police presence at schools in alexandria. more officers will be in and around school zones and bus routes tomorrow. they're out to enforce traffic laws including speeding passing school buses, and failing to yield to pedestrians. a maryland boy is recovering after getting hurt on a ride at the maryland state fair. the 9-year-old was trying to get off a small swing ride while it was in motion at the squaregrounds. rescuers took him to the johns hopkins pediatric intensive care unit. officials won't comment on his condition but say he's from the baltimore area. the maryland state fair ends today. more than a week after hurricane irene slammed into the east coast, some of the hardest hit areas still trying to pick up the pieces. president obama was in
5:49 am
patterson, new jersey, yesterday where some of the most significant damage in that state occurred. the state's third-largest city was hit with overwhelming floods as the passaic river crested its banks at more than twice the normal flood stage. hurricane irene is one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit new jersey. and some local service members are preparing to help with the recovery effort in one of the hardest hit states in the northeast. 25 national guardsman with six 20-ton dump trucks based at ft. pickett in blackstone, virginia, will be heading to vermont to help the state clean up. members of the 157th engineer platoon and the 3647 maups -- maintenance company will be there to help. and new jersey national guard decided ton punish five soldier who did this. they thought they were in ships. they went into the floodwaters after hurricane irene. the whole thing was caught on
5:50 am
camera, obviously. it went viral after it was posted on youtube. that's not always a good thing. the soldiers got stranded in mannville, new jersey, after their vehicles stalled in floodwaters that was clearly too deep. an official says the soldiers were not aware at that water was, and those vehicles can travel through up to four feet of water. no one was hurt, but the national guard says the incident is under official review. i'm sure they're a tad embarrassed. >> looks like they thought they were in submarines. some outer banks residents will finally be able to return home today, more than a week after hurricane irene made landfall this. hatteras islands residents will be allowed to start moving back at noon today. visitors will not be able to access the island until sometime after the 17th of this month, though. officials say enough progress has been made in restoring services and cleanup to allow residents to safely return. but the roadways there totally destroyed. this was a game last night
5:51 am
against west virginia -- it was marshall. the lightning struck the stadium in morgantown. the weather was so bad the referees had to actually end the game 14 minutes left in the fourth quarter. it was over. it's the second game already that ended early due to weather. michigan's game was stopped late in the third quarter on saturday. west virginia won the storm-shortened game 34-13. >> notre dame's game over the weekend was hit. they showed pictures of lightning hitting the stadium. they immediately evacuated the stadium. i think it took over five hours to finish the game. >> yeah. and the storms were all over much of the country. a lot of this has to do with the increase in tropical activity. this is the time of year that we see peak tropical activity. certainly it's busy now. there is katia. it is a hurricane. it is a category 2 hurricane. has actually weakened a little. there's an enormous eye. the center of the circulation is still way far away from us. there are the latest statistics. katia's peak winds at 100 miles
5:52 am
per hour now. it is moving northwest at about ten miles per hour. it's going to stay on this track as a category 2 hurricane probably throughout the day, then become maybe a category 3 storm. maybe winds up to 115 by the time we get into wednesday and very early on thursday morning. then it's going to take a turn to the right. look likely now it will stay off the atlantic seaboard. and thankfully, will not affect us. this is what's going to be affecting us. this is the remain of lee, tropical storm lee now a depression over louisiana and mississippi. it is tracking off to the northeast ever so slowly. and as it does it's bringing tremendous amount of rain. we've got flood watches from the gulf coast all the way to northern maine. and here in washington, all these counties in green, as well as in virginia and maryland, west virginia, under a flood watch for later tonight into tomorrow and tomorrow night. that's when we'll have the peak time for flooding. right now the radar showing a few showers here in stafford and spotsylvania counties, drifting to the north. they're now into southern prince
5:53 am
william. we've got some other showers over the central bay about to move through the bay bridge area. another shower in northern frederick county. one shower west of leesburg and loudoun county. we have other showers in the panhandle. temperatures around the region now, in the low to mid 70s. 77 now at reagan national. later today we'll have occasional showers for the events and parades for this labor day. near 80 degrees. maybe some heavier downpours with thunder and lightning. that will be late afternoon and through this evening. we'll be near 70 by midnight. during the day tomorrow, heavier rains from time to time with highs only near 70. and on tuesday, more rain, maybe flooding. wednesday/thursday, a chance of showers. likely with highs near 80. friday, we'll dry out late friday and into the weekend. how's traffic? well, construction on the rails has metro shuttle bussing between van dorn street and franconia/spe franconia/springfield on the blue line. also construction on the orange line.
5:54 am
you'll see shuttle bussing between west falls church and east falls church. construction lasting through the night. on the roads, if you're taking bridges, this is what the woodrow wilson bridge looks like. no problems in either direction, shooting around to the key bridge here nice and clear. and as we make our way to the 14th street bridge, again, clear, no accident at this time. wendy and joe, back to you. >> thanks. oil rigs in the gulf are empty this morning as crews ride out now tropical depression lee on solid ground. about 40% of the rigs in the gulf of mexico were evacuated ahead of lee's landfall. that means that about 60% of the oil production in the gulf has been held up now. meanwhile, officials in alabama are concerned that the storm will dredge up submerged tar from last year's bp oil spill. so far there are no reports of fresh oil washing up on the beaches. but local official believe some tar will wash ashore before the storm completely passes. the lack of production
5:55 am
doesn't seem to have impacted gasoline prices. across the country, prices remain nearly unchanged from yesterday with the average in of $3.66 per gallon of regular. d.c. did see a drop overnight, down three pennies to $3.75 for regular. in maryland, prices are sitting at $3.56 per gallon on average. prices in virginia are up a penny from yesterday to $4.39 -- $3.49 per gallon. in west virginia, regular at $3.67 a gallon. a group of athletes took to the field at nationals ballpark following the nats-mets match-up. the wounded warriors softball team made up of about 20 players from around the country. all veterans or active duty members who suffered a leg, foot, or arm amputation from serving. all of the wounded warriors said they were athletes at some point. and they appreciate getting back into the game. pinball fans, today's your final chance to visit the national pinball museum in washington. the museum opened at the shops
5:56 am
in georgetown last year. but now the m street mall is undergoing renovations, and the museum has left its lease. after a search, the museum was unable to find a new location in d.c., so they've found a new location in baltimore to which they will relocate for today's last day. admission is free. and a new study shows your ancestry might have something to do with childhood allergies. researchers at chicago's children's memorial hospital studied the genetic code of children and discovered those with african ancestry had an increase in the likelihood of a peanut allergy. even just a 10% increase in african ancestry resulted in a 25% jump in the chances of being allergic. children with an african heritage also have a higher risk of allergies to milk, eggs, and other foods. if you don't feel like barbecuing today, why not chow down on dozens of matzoh balls. today at the uptown deli in bethesda, there's the first annual matzoh ball-eating
5:57 am
contest. contestant will see how many matzoh balls they can take down in eight minutes. proceeds will benefit the children's inn at the institutes of health. the restaurant is giving away trophies and restaurant gift certificates. good luck beating the world record. 78 matzoh balls by competitive eater joey chestnut back in 2008. >> joey was no match for the black widow. alexandria, virginia's sonia thomas took home the crown and a world record yesterday. she ate 183 chicken wings in 12 machines. this is video of last year's competition in buffalo. that's where she set the previous record, 181 wings. she defeated joey chestnut who came in second with just 174. >> what a pair. joey chestnut and virginia -- >> the black widow. >> they could terrorize the world. the dire prediction about the future of the postal service, who is saying it might have to shut down for many months. >> and what new york city mayor michael bloomberg is
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 5:59, we're try for now but not for long. a flash flood watch ahead after a massive storm system aff


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